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Posts in this logbook and stories in the companion book series reflect Tosh the aviator launching into the blue with tales from the cockpit. Like the best of wingmen, the words are right there whenever I need them. Reflecting on the past, I tap into a reservoir of memories that may have shallowed with time, but which will never be lost if I translate them into a format immune to the ravages of faulty recall.

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As remembrances, specific event details are subject to error. But I can say with confidence that any departures from reality will be due to unintentional omission rather than by design. Nor is this a tell-all or instrument of revenge. If any players from the past happen to visit this blog, they may recognize familiar bits and pieces within my tales.

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It is my hope and intention that when and if that occurs, their reactions are smiles and fond recollections of a time in our mutual lives when nothing much else mattered than strapping on the jets and doing what aviators do. Boarding an airliner, do you ever glance to your left for a quick peek into the cockpit? Have you ever fantasized about flying one of those magnificent flying machines?

Tosh McIntosh knows.

'Take My Wings and Soar': Air Chief BS Dhanoa's Words of Inspiration to a Young Pilot

With over forty years as a professional aviator in tactical fighters and commercial jets, he puts you in the cockpit for a glimpse of his world as seen through the lens of personal experience. Subsequent books in the series will cover the stages of his military and civilian careers and the transition to sport aviation after retirement from professional aviation. Tosh currently owns two experimental sport aircraft to indulge his passion for the world of flight.

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This was the very first folk punk song I ever heard. I met RYG while busking in Edinburgh fringe , i took the direction of a prog psych rock musician, and the concept behind this album isn't all that far for a crust punk thing; i get this guttural woody guthrie sensation of soaring the american country side to beyond the gates of our mortal realm to the heavens of crustopia, i fell in love with this record, it's part of the rare part of my collection i know by heart and still listen to quite often without tiring!

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You breath smoke into my sore throat. I cough up coal and dead leaves. You tore your wings on sharp words.