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Another thing to keep in mind could be the fact that season 2 had an abrupt and bizarre ending. However, one of the very important things to note is the fact that there are tons of source and materials that would be more than enough to make a brand new third season. Still, we do not really know why Studio Deen is taking so long to make the third season. Also, Kiyoko Sayama also stated his desires and wish to work on another season of Vampire Knight by saying that he would love to make another one and he also sounded confident when he said that he wants to make the third one, even better than the former two seasons.

When it comes to love triangles someone always loses. I hope season 3 is available. Vampire Knight Season 3: Release Date And Renewal Status There was a petition that was carried out by fans who wanted to have a third season ASAP, and the petition garnered an impressive number of over 52, signatures.

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By kritica sinha July 9, Posted July 9, This felt like a rush job, or a novella instead of an addition to the series. This series is over for me as of this book, it was that bad. First book I will return for a refund. View 1 comment. Apr 28, Nancy rated it really liked it. Fun read! This was a fun read, completely improbable, exciting action, and too short. This series doesn't flesh out the plot enough to really immerse the reader, but keeps you interested so you want to finish. I consider them long stories, not quite full enough to be a real novel. There is much potential There!

That said if you're looking for a quick, fun read, this will fill a few hours. May 18, Maggie rated it really liked it Shelves: kindleunlimited. These are like cozies - just fun, mindless reads so I don't expect much. But, the author goes beyond tropes to parts-of-plots you've seen at least a few times perhaps few dozen times before. I've been wondering if she watches something like Once Upon a Time and thinks, "I could use this bit or that bit". But her main character and background is a bit different even if you've seen the secondary characters and situations in many other venues.

Dec 09, Anita rated it really liked it Shelves: magic , kindle-unlimited , paranormal-mystery. This is a spin-off series from the Samantha Moon Vampire for Hire series. The tone is a little sadder than the parent series, but the writing style is similar and the characters and plots are all very interesting.

There don't seem to be any happy endings in this series, but no tear-jerkers either, just a little bit of nail-biting. This 3rd book is about magic gone bad in a ski resort. I was bummed that the heroine didn't get to be with her love interest for very long. I hope the author eventuall This is a spin-off series from the Samantha Moon Vampire for Hire series. I hope the author eventually lets her have a real relationship. Mar 12, Cindy rated it liked it.

This may have been my least favorite of the three so far, but I still enjoyed it. I felt a little like Allison feels a bit too helpless without Ivy and Millicent even though she isn't. The love story with her and Eric was cute, but you could feel what was going to happen in the end coming from very early on.

I do enjoy that Millicent is becoming more "real. I'll keep reading because I'm confident they'll keep getting better. Oct 06, Debra Chiaro rated it really liked it. Great read!

What a great story! I have met Allison before in the Sam Moon books and feel comfortable with this character. Her unique abilities are also familiar and I do love her with and humor. This story could have gone many different ways, but I'm glad to see how Allison persevered. I look forward to the next installment.

Dec 01, Angelyn Krout rated it liked it. On the fence I know this is supposed to be a fantasy series where anything can happen, and usually does. Bit being a witch, myself, I guess I just expect the stories to be a little more true to life. Just a little more. Sep 24, Red Risa rated it really liked it.

Allison's witch triad comes together more fully than the previous books. Bringing the power of three more personally than before. Also explaining their unique bond and gifts each of them brings to their tight little group. Apr 24, Natalie Andrew rated it it was amazing. Good stuff I am really enjoying reading Allison's adventures after reading all the Vampire For Hire series it really is lovely to hear Allies story.

I find I can't put this series down, the book flows so smoothly , never a dull moment always enticing you to continue reading. Aug 16, Christy Keenan rated it liked it. Not a favorite I have read 20 plus books of JR Rain, really like them a lot! I was ready to give it a 1 star. Then the story line I expected kicked in.

Jan 17, Sharon rated it it was amazing. Love it Wow, ghosts, witches and a wild hunt. Poor girls are being hunted then slaughtered.. Allison has to find a way to stop the hunt. It is action packed. Feb 07, jean mary jones rated it it was amazing. The Hunt? I really enjoyed this book. I can only recommend it to anyone who likes magic, mystery and a touch of horror. Dec 28, Melissa rated it it was amazing. Love Allison! The messes she gets herself into are always interesting and fun to read. This one brings in some ancient history and folklore for excitement, and it works!

Oct 06, Penelope Schwertfeger rated it it was amazing. The Witch and the Huntsman I am really enjoying this series. I have the author before and I am glad I tried this series. Great fiction. Oct 02, Erth rated it it was amazing. A good fast read! This was such a great, easy and creative book. The characters were easy to fall in love with and follow, along with the story. This third installment of the Witch series was a fun, easy read, but even though it was a quick book, it was filled with excitement and thrills.

The authors did a wonderful job of filling this little book with all you would want in a story- romance, mystery, murder, thrills, horror, witchcraft, some humor and a little girl time though I think the guys would like this one too , all with a touch of a fairy tale feel throughout. Women are disappearing and Allison wants to find out why. Along with her fellow witches, Ivy and Millicent, the three of them are ready to face a dark evil set on destroying their witch trio. The action starts from page one and goes until the final page.

This is one of my favorites from these two authors for sure. There is just too much missing. This is a highly emotional story for Allison and yet as a reader I felt none of it. That end just fell flat. Too much was left unexplained when it came to the reveal of what they were facing and what exactly happened. Very rushed, and it feels like a cop out for us to be missing out on their explanation to the police without any evidence, especially since one of the dead is an officer.

Are they trying to brainwash me? Quick, bring me my tin foil helmet! Snow White and the Huntsman comes as a pretty good concept. But imagine having to squeeze all this in , give or take, pages. It feels hurried. Many scenes end up shortened, stiff and uninteresting. T I have no idea why I wanted to read this book.

The character development is nowhere to be found. It just ruined everything for me. It did not feel hurried at all. In fact it was quite fascinating. So this makes me turn the blame on the author. Author s. Why, in the name of all that is pure, do you need four authors for this book? I really fail to understand the role of everyone. So whatever.

My point is that the book is too simplistic and I could never think that four authors worked on it. I was tricked into being excited about the illustrations I was supposed to encounter throughout the book. I love this type of chapter art. But guess what? You get only three illustrations. This one, another chapter design - which is not interesting at all - and some cute ravens at the beginning of the book.

The rest? So there goes my excitement for the illustrations. Remember what I said at the beginning of my review? Snow White being finally useful. Guess what? First of all she has no personality whatsoever. She has no spark. Bitch please. She feels like a plastic doll that blushes from time to time. Try comparing this to Jim C.

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The only good thing in this book is Chris. Erm, I mean Eric. This has nothing to do with my crush on Chris Hemsworth. Nothing at all. I think they forgot to print the epilogue though. Because it smells so much like a sequel. Snow White and the Huntsman is a total waste of time. If you really want to read it then go ahead. If it ended this way I would have given it an extra star. Ask a cool author to write the story and it would get another extra star. Make Snow White a kickass heroine and you get a fucking five star book!

View all 21 comments. I say a bit about the plot but I've done my best to leave out spoilers, but a couple might of slipped I've seen the advertisement for the film on TV many times and it looks amazing, but going to the cinema is so expensive so I can't afford it which is why I decided to pick up the book instead. And I'm so happy I did.. As you can tell from the title, this is a re-telling of the fairy tale Snow White by Brothers Grimm and it was also made into a Disney movie. I am a huge fan of fantasy kingdoms, castles, royalty, swords, quests, and evil queens.

All of which are included in this story. Snow White's father King Magnus was killed on his wedding night by his wife Queen Ravenna, and she imprisoned Snow White in the castle dungeon. Ravenna is a witch who needs to suck out the youth out of young girls to stay young. Then when Ravenna asks the mirror on the wall "who is the fairest of them all? Nobody who enters the forest comes back out alive, except a man called Eric, who Ravenna sends into the forest to return Snow White back to her. I really enjoyed this novel. It was short, fast paced and well written.

My favourite character is Eric. He was very mysterious and had a very interesting back story and I really felt sorry for him. I feel that he was a well-developed character with a realistic personality. I wanted to get to know Snow White's childhood friend William's character a bit more because he was interesting but I didn't feel like I got to know his character very well.. My favourite part was the relationship between Eric and Snow White.

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The book and the film are so alike, and they did leave some of the book out but no important parts, so overall it was fantastic. I prefer the book because I prefer reading than watching films. View 1 comment. Aug 08, Kira rated it did not like it Shelves: fairy-tales. I should have known better than to read a book based on a movie based on a folk tale, but I read it anyway. It had a lot of potential, plot-wise; I would be all about a well-written story in which Snow White escapes her evil stepmother and is trained to fight in order to kill the evil queen.

But the book moved too fast. A teenage girl who has been locked in a dungeon for ten years is not going to be physically fit, even if she had spent those years doing situps and pushups and jogging in place I should have known better than to read a book based on a movie based on a folk tale, but I read it anyway. A teenage girl who has been locked in a dungeon for ten years is not going to be physically fit, even if she had spent those years doing situps and pushups and jogging in place which this protagonist probably hasn't.

She wouldn't even have had the stamina to run through the woods all day, let alone learn in one day the knife skills necessary to kill someone. What the book needed was for Snow White to disappear into the Dark Forest and have several months if not years pass while she learned to fight. The half-baked romance between Snow White and Eric was also disappointing.

There were a lot of "he might almost have been handsome" and "he hadn't noticed how beautiful she was" inner thoughts, but no one acted on them and they seemed kind of forced. The ending of the book was abrupt and inconclusive. Overall, I doubt I will be seeing the movie if it's anywhere near as bad as this was. I so wish this book was better. I wish it was pages longer and written with more detail. Alas, it is not so. Full review this afternoon. Such disappointment. Jun 12, Leeanna rated it did not like it.

Tie-in books are hit and miss, usually miss. I really wanted to like it, because I was so excited about the movie. The trailers looked amazing! But reading the tie-in made me not want to see the movie at all. The story, which seemed so cool and different in the trailers, was boiled down to a lackluster tale that went from A to B to C. The wr Tie-in books are hit and miss, usually miss. The writing is what bothered me the most.

The characters are flat and never really developed. For example, Snow White was locked up in a tower for ten years. The author goes from harping on her weak body to totally forgetting it. Not quite the experience I was hoping for. First of all, I haven't yet seen the movie Secondly, dispite giving this book 3 stars I felt it was too rushed all the way through I did enjoy it, and I still want to see the movie.

Jul 13, Ana rated it it was ok. I'm beginning to think that books based on movies are forever doomed. I want to begin this review by saying that I have not yet seen the Snow White and the Huntsman movie. Unfortunately, the book sucks. I mean, Bl I'm beginning to think that books based on movies are forever doomed. Her gothic style is quite gripping, and her imagery is lovely. But what good is a finely crafted tool that writes empty messages?

The characterization in Snow White and the Huntsman is horribly poor. The Huntsman is no better. He can track animals. If Ravenna wants something, she makes every attempt to get it, paying no heed to the consequences of her actions. I could have used a little less evil laughing, but I still believe that she is the highest point of this novel. Its measly pages are certainly not enough to do it justice. Because it is. Let me put you in context here: Blake has a bit of a love triangle going on between Snow, the Huntsman, and a certain childhood friend.

Now, in the last chapter, Snow White clearly chooses which option she prefers. However, this option leaves in a self-deprecating type way and Snow just lets him go. She just lets him go without even telling him of her feelings for him. Where is that decided evil queen when you need her?

It had so much potential but failed to measure up to its expectations, lacking real characters, a decent ending, and the imaginative plot details trademarked by YA novels. More reviews at www. Jun 15, Stephanie Stepping out of the Page rated it liked it Shelves: better-than-expected , young-adult , read-in , books-i-own , fantasy , arc-or-review , movies-or-tv , magic , fairy-tales. I confess that I'm a little wary of reading books based on movies as it seems a little unnatural - surely movies should be based on books?

Still, I wanted to know what all the fuss was about surrounding Snow White and the Huntsman. To be honest, I lack the concentration span for films, so it was actually great to see that a novel was being released - I can use my own imagination and take it at my own pace I have read I confess that I'm a little wary of reading books based on movies as it seems a little unnatural - surely movies should be based on books? I have read some fantastic fairytale retellings Cinder and some not so great ones, so it was interesting to see what this was like.

Snow White is one of the most popular fairytales that I think almost everyone knows about. It's a little dangerous to mess around with something the world knows and loves, but I think that for the most part, the changes worked out okay. The story was vivid and it felt as though there was a lot of adventure, even though it wasn't particularly fast-paced. I think that if the pace had been a bit more rapid, it would have been more effective - I think that the blurb of this book makes it sound a little more action packed than it is, but the book remained simple, perhaps so that it is more accessible for younger readers.

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There wasn't really anything complex about this book - it was relatively short and a quick read, so there wasn't much room for depth, but I don't feel as though the story suffered for that - I still got a good idea about all of the characters and they were firm in my mind. Personally, I like to learn more about the emotions of characters, but even without this, I did have an idea of what the characters were feeling. Of course, more development could have been made but for the type of book this is, it wasn't necessary- it's just a reasonably quick, entertaining read and it's good that way - I think that it could've gone disastrously wrong if it took itself too seriously - the easy-to-read yet still quite beautiful writing is definitely a bonus for younger readers.

I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed by the ending of this book - there wasn't a huge climax in the story and the ending didn't really come as much of a shock, either. There was potential to notch up the tension a bit, but it never seemed to happen. I personally thought that the ending was a little boring and a bit of an easy way out of the story, though I guess it did tie things up. Although this is a very simple and quick book to read, it was enjoyable and I am glad that I read it - just to see what the twist on this traditional fairytale was.

The book does feel quite 'cinematic' at points and I feel like maybe the story could be portrayed in a slightly more exciting way on screen. However, I'm a firm believer in reading the book and seeing the film. If you like reading, for less than the price of a cinema ticket, I'd pick this up and give it a try. Jan 26, Amelia rated it liked it Shelves: amazingwhatyoufindincharityshops , childrens-and-young-adult. Who will you be when faced with the end? The end of a kingdom, The end of good men, Will you run? Will you hide? Or will you hunt down evil with a venomous pride?

Rise to the ashes, Rise to the winter sky, Rise to the calling, Make heard the battle cry. Let it scream from the mountains From the forest to the chapel, Because death is a hungry mouth And you are the apple. So who will you be when faced with the end? When the vultures are circling And the shadows descend Will you cower? Or will you fight?

Is your hear Who will you be when faced with the end? Is your heart made of glass? Or a pure Snow White? Isn't that great? Things like that are why I love fairytales. Snow White and the Huntsman. It's fairly common for books to be made into films. What you don't hear so much of is films being made into books, which is what this is. If you read Snow White and the Huntsman because you've seen the film, you're going to know most of this story.

The plot strays little. If you read it as a novel in its own right, you're probably going to be disappointed. Not that it's bad as per se, but in converting a book to film, you often lose depth - it's hard to portray characters' thoughts and feelings on screen, for example. There isn't a great deal of characterisation and how Snow White transforms from girl-who's-been-locked-in-a-dungeon-for-ten-years to warrior princess in, what, a week isn't addressed at all.

But that's not to say there's no value at all in reading Snow White and the Huntsman. Particularly in the sense that we get a bit more of Ravenna's backstory, which shows her not as pure evil, but someone seeking revenge for the murder of her mother. It's not something to go out of your way to buy, but I did enjoy it.

I know other people have commented on such a short book having four authors - it doesn't. The author of the book is Lily Blake. The others are responsible for the screenplay which this is based upon. My bestfriend gave this book to me on my birthday so I started reading it right away : It was quite an easy read. I finished withing 5 hours. Anyway, as everyone may already know its a book based on a movie that's base on a folk tale. The plot was promising though I think the story moved wayyy too fast. Snow White was trapped inside the dungeon for 10 years, it's a bit skeptical that she learned how to fight and hold a sword in just a few days.

How the heck did she also have the stamina to run My bestfriend gave this book to me on my birthday so I started reading it right away : It was quite an easy read. How the heck did she also have the stamina to run around the Dark Forest for how many days? Beats me. Also the forced "romance" between Snow I'm calling her that because calling someone Snow White just seems weird to me and Eric annoyed me.

I don't know why but I like books where they always insert romances in so obviously I was always looking forward to the interactions between the two. It was just "he might almost have been handsome" and stuffs like that. What annoyed me even more is the ending where Eric just goes back to his old self and being alone. It lacked the character development and excitement I was hoping for. But since my best friend gave it to me, I appreciate it!

View all 3 comments. Jun 19, Kristen rated it really liked it Shelves: fairy-tales.

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I saw the movie before I read this book. I enjoyed the movie so much, that I had to pick up the book and see how they compare. Now, I know this book was written based on the script of the movie, so I knew it was going to be pretty close to the movie. I think there were things I liked better in the movie and some things I liked better in the book. Better in the movie: 1 Most of the backstory was told at the beginning of the movie - you knew who William was before she was trying to escape, etc.

In I saw the movie before I read this book. In the book, only the part about the Queen killing the King was really at the beginning, so a lot of the backstory came from memories in the characters' heads. So I felt like I didn't relate to them as much because it was just a quick recap of something important that needed to be said, but it was more in passing. They spent such little time with the Dwarves in the book, and Gus wasn't really mentioned in the book view spoiler [ except when he danced and then when he got killed hide spoiler ] Better in the book: 1 You get inside Snow White's and the Huntsman's minds more.

You are able to see their relationship build better. Obviously in the movie you root for him because he's one of the main characters and he's Chris Hemsworth for Pete's sake. I liked seeing that relationship grow. And you could see and feel better why the Huntsman is the one who wakes her. Even though the book was only pages with a lot of wasted pages for chapter numbers, you still really saw character growth in Snow White and the Huntsman.

Now, perhaps some of this came from it being a movie script prior, but you really don't get to see the inner thoughts of Snow White and the Huntsman in the movie, so you attach to them better and really see why the things that happen do happen. What kind of fairy tale ends without a kiss???? In the movie she just smiles at him in the end while he's kind of off to the side.

So he leaves! I liked how it wrapped up who she actually cared about, but I was so annoyed at that ending, when he obviously loves her - the only girl or person in the world who was able to pull him out of his depression. I know it's based on a fairy tale, but I'm really hoping for a sequel that will have a happier ending in terms of love!

Overall thought I really enjoyed this Snow White story. The only thing was that in some parts, the perspective changed abruptly. One moment it was Snow White's perspective, and then the next paragraph it was the Queen's. That was a littl jarring. Normally perspective changes happen with breaks in the chapter or just a new chapter. But this had several times where one paragraph was from one perspective and the next another perspective. I understand that the author needed to tell the scene from two perspective sometimes, and obviously no one wants to read the same scene twice, but it was still jarring for me.

But otherwise it was great. I think if you liked the movie you will really enjoy the book and vice versa. And I thought this was a very good version of Snow White. Modern yet still true to the medieval times that Snow White is usually told. Jan 14, Ashlee rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

It was charming and I enjoyed it a lot. The ending was rushed which was my only gripe with the whole thing. Everyone knows the story of Snow White. This book is a dark twist on the light and fluffy Disney fairy tale that everyone is used to. It's about a girl named Ravenna and her brother Finn. Their village is burned and their mother is killed. Before she dies she bestows a gift on them. It connects them. It gives them beauty. Once their mother dies, they are on their own. The King of Commonwealth finds Ravenna, thinking she is a prisoner and befriends her and falls in love with her.

The king has a daughter, Snow White. Right after the King marries Ravenna, she murders him on her wedding night and becomes queen and takes over the kingdom. She sucks the life and beauty out of young girls to keep herself young. She has Snow White thrown into a cellar for 10 years, not wanting her to die but not wanting her around, either. It's not until the mirror on the wall tells Ravenna that killing Snow White would give her immortal beauty to where she would never have to age again. But at that point Snow White find a way to escape. She goes into the dark forest that has killed many.

It's magical in a bad way. Pollen that will kill you if you inhale it, and quick sand that will sink you. Only one man has ever survived it. The queen hires him to get Snow White back, but he befriends her.

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He then helps her escape to Duke Hammond's place, where her childhood friend is at that she thought about for so many years in the cellar. The story mostly takes place during Snow White and the Huntsman's journey. The very end, when Snow White finally kills Ravenna, is rushed which I didn't like. Other than that, it was a charming story. I'd definitely recommend it. Sep 29, Despair Speaking rated it liked it.

I have no idea how to rate this book so I opted with three because it wasn't boring and it was Not bad, not good. You know, that sort of thing. I had watched the movie and I wasn't impressed. Of the plot I mean. The visuals was stunning and the setting was beautiful. My favorite scene was when Ravenna was surrounded by her yeah, you guess it ravens. I have a copy of the movie and I repeated that scene like twice.