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The son of Kronos Cronus will not let you stand by the Argives. Since Zeus has uttered this threat and will make it a thing accomplished: that he will lame beneath the harness your fast-running horses, and hurl yourselves from the driver's place, and smash your chariot; and not in the circle of ten returning years would you be whole of the wounds where the stroke of the lightning this you; so that you may know, grey-eyed goddess, when it is your father you fight with. Let one of them perish then, let another live, as their fortune wills; let him, as is his right and as his heart pleases, work out whatever decrees he will on Danaans and Trojans.

Meanwhile the goddesses themselves took their place on the golden couches among the other immortals, their hearts deep grieving within them. Then Zeus himself of the wide brows took his place on the golden throne, as underneath his feet tall Olympos was shaken. Surely in the battle where men win glory you were not wearied out, destroying those Trojans on whom you have set your grim wrath. In the whole account, such is my strength and my hand so invincible, not all the gods who are on Olympos could turn me backward, but before this the trembling took hold of your shining bodies, before you could look upon the fighting and war's work of sorrow for I will say straight out, and it would now be a thing accomplished: once hit in your car by the lightning stroke you could never have come back to Olympos, where is the place of the immortals.

Homer, Iliad All were blaming the son of Kronos, Zeus of the dark mists, because his will was to give glory to the Trojans. To these gods the father gave no attention at all, but withdrawn from them and rejoicing in the pride of his strength sat apart from the others looking out over the city of Troy and the ships of the Akhaians Achaeans , watching the flash of bronze, and men killing and men killed. Then she saw Zeus, sitting along the loftiest summit on Ida of the springs, and in her eyes he was hateful.

And now the lady ox-eyed Hera was divided in purpose as to who she could beguile the brain of Zeus of the aigis. And to her mind this thing appeared to the best counsel, to array herself in loveliness, and go down to Ida, and perhaps he might be taken with desire to lie in love with her next her skin, and she might be taken with desire to lie in love with her next her skin, and she might be able to drift an innocent warm sleep across his eyelids, and seal his crafty perceptions. She went into her chamber, which her beloved son Hephaistos had built for her, and closed the leaves in the door-posts snugly with a secret door-bar, and no other of the gods could open it.

There entering she drew shut the leaves of the shining door, then first from her adorable body washed away all stains with ambrosia, and next anointed herself with ambrosial sweet olive oil, which stood there in its fragrance beside her, and from which, stirred in the house of Zeus by the golden pavement, a fragrance was shaken forever forth, on earth and in heaven. When with this he had anointed her delicate body and combed her hair, next with her hands she arranged her shining and lovely and ambrosial curls along her immortal head, and dressed in an ambrosial robe that Athene had made her carefully, smooth, and with many figures upon it, and pinned it across her breast with a golden brooch, and circled her waist about with a zone that floated a hundred tassels, and in the lobes of her carefully pierced ears she put rings and triple drops in mulberry clusters, radiant with beauty, and, lovely among goddesses, she veiled her head downward with a sweet fresh veil that glimmered pale like the sunlight.

Underneath her shining feet she bound on the fair sandals. Or would you refuse it? Are you forever angered against me because I defend the Danaans, while you help the Trojans? My heart is urgent to do it if I can, and if it is a thing that can be accomplished. So Aphrodite went back into the house, Zeus' daughter, while Hera in a flash of speed left the horn of Olympos and crossed over Pieria and Emathia the lovely and overswept the snowy hills of the Thrakian riders and their uttermost pinnacles, nor touched the ground with her feet.

Then from Athos she crossed over the heaving main sea and came to Lemnos, and to the city of godlike Thoas. There she encountered Hypnos Sleep , the brother of Thanatos Death. If now your great desire is to lie in love together here on the peaks of Ida, everything can be seen. Then what would happen if some one of the gods everlasting saw us sleeping, and went and told all the other immortals of it?

Throne of Olympus

I would not simply rise out of bed and go back again, into your house, and such a thing would be shameful. No, if this is your heart's desire, if this is your wish, then there is my chamber, which my beloved son Hephaisto Hephaestus s has built for me, and closed the leaves in the door-posts snugly. We can go back there and lie down, since bed is your pleasure.

Do you not remember that time you hung from high and on your feet I slung two anvils, and about your hands drove a golden chain, unbreakable. You among the clouds and the bright sky hung, nor could the gods about tall Olympos endure it and stood about, but could not set you free. If I caught one I would seize and throw him from the threshold, until he landed stunned on the earth, yet even so the weariless agony for Herakles the godlike would not let go my spirit.

She came to sheer Olympos and entered among the assembled immortal gods in the house of Zeus, and they seeing her rose all to swarm about her and lifted their cups in greeting.

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You seem like one who has been terrified. I know, it was the son of Kronos Cronus , your husband, frightened you. You yourself know what his spirit is, how it is stubborn and arrogant. Preside still over the gods in their house, the feast's fair division. Yet so much may you hear, and with you all the other immortals, how Zeus discloses evil actions, and I do not think the heart of all will be pleasured alike, neither among mortals nor gods either, although one now still feasts at his pleasure.

Hera was smiling with her lips, but above the dark brows her forehead was not at peace. Still we are thinking in our anger to go near, and stop him by argument or force.

Olympian Gods & Goddesses | Theoi Greek Mythology

He sits apart and cares nothing nor thinks of us, and says that among the other immortals he is pre-eminently the greatest in power and strength. Therefore each of you must take whatever evil he sends you. Since I think already a sorrow has been wrought against Ares.

His son has been killed in the fighting, dearest of all men to him, Askalaphos, whom stark Ares calls his own son. Your ears can listen still to reality, but your mind is gone and your discipline. Do you not hear what the goddess Hera of the white arms tells us, and she coming back even now from Zeus of Olympos? Do you wish, after running the course of many misfortunes yourself, still to come back to Olympos under compulsion though reluctant, and plant seed of great sorrow among the rest of us?

Since he will at once leave the Akhaians Achaeans and the high-hearted Trojans, and come back to batter us on Olympos and will catch up as they come the guilty one and the guiltless. Therefore I ask of you to give up your anger for your son. By now some other, better of his strength and hands than your son was, has been killed, or will soon be killed; and it is a hard thing to rescue all the generation and seed of all mortals. They in a flash of speed winged their way onward.

They came to Ida with all her springs, the mother of wild beasts, and found the wide-browed son of Kronos on the height of Gargaron, sitting still, and fragrant cloud gathered in a circle about him. These two came into the presence of Zeus the cloud gatherer and stood, nor was his heart angry when he looked upon them, seeing they had promptly obeyed the message of his dear lady. All was divided among us three ways, each given his domain.

Mount Olympus

I when the lots were shaken drew the grey sea to live in forever; Haides drew the lot of the mists and the darkness, and Zeus was allotted the wide sky, in the cloud and the bright air. But earth and high Olympos are common to all three. She came secretly from Zeus and the other gods, since it was Hera who sent her. So speaking, he whirled her about in his hand and slung her out of the starry heaven, and presently she came to men's establishments.

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May 26, Eruditeravenclawathenadistrict4 added it. If u like the Greek gods mixed with modern times read the percy jackson and the Olympians series and the heroes of Olympus series they're great. Stepanine rated it it was amazing Oct 06, Michelle rated it it was amazing Feb 06, Moseley rated it liked it Jul 08, Johna MAE latiban rated it it was amazing Jan 19, Jayne Capps rated it did not like it Feb 01, Jacob Stephens rated it it was ok Jun 13, Henry B Rico rated it liked it Apr 25, Amanda rated it really liked it Nov 24, Anastasia Gillies rated it it was amazing Oct 19, Adamsnf rated it it was ok Apr 08, Andy Dai rated it it was ok Oct 01, Zach Toles rated it it was amazing Jan 29, Ryanh rated it liked it Dec 02, Alexia Chase rated it it was amazing Feb 05, Temples dedicated to Poseidon were found on capes, near springs, rivers, and lakes and offerings like horses, pigs, bulls were thrown into the sea to please the god.

In Cape Sounio you can visit the remains of a beautiful temple of Poseidon looking out across the sea. The goddess Demeter was especially worshipped by farmers because she was considered the protector of the grains and the fertility of the earth. Zeus made a compromise with Hades and Demeter blessed the earth with an abundant harvest.

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Athena was born out of the head of Zeus fully grown-up and dressed in armor. She was honored for her superior fighting powers, her promotion of peace and political alliances, her intellect and her inspiring courage. As a goddess of warfare and protector of Athens, many temples were built for her and many festivals and events were held in her honor. Her symbols were the owl and the olive tree. The god of the sun, music, and prophecy was Apollo. Apollo killed the Python in Delphi that guarded the center of the earth.

Delphi became home to the famous oracle of Apollo that gave predictions to individuals and city-states on which they based their decisions. It was known as an important religious center throughout the Greek world. Here Apollo was worshipped at the beautiful oracle of Delphi, built in honor of him, where his prophecies were relayed through a high priestess, the Pythia. Living in the forests surrounded by nymphs, Artemis Diana , the goddess of the hunt and the wilderness also protected young girls. She was the twin sister of Apollo and it was said she helped her mother to give birth to her twin brother.

The beautiful goddess Aphrodite Venus was born from sea foam. She was so beautiful that all men loved her and she became the goddess of love, pleasure, passion, beauty, and desire. She used her divine powers to make Jason fall in love with her and travel with his Argonauts to Colchis to steal the golden fleece. Hephaistos Vulcan was the ugliest of the 12 Greek Gods but famed for his craftsmanship and inventions. He was a skilled smith who made lightning bolts for his father Zeus to win his battles. Out of gratefulness, his father gave him Aphrodite, the most beautiful goddess, for his wife.

The god who invented the lyre out of the shell of a tortoise was Hermes. But his most important job was to give messages of the gods to humans and other gods. He also protected travelers. Ares Mars was the most despised by the other 12 Greek Gods because he got into fights all the time. He enjoyed war, violence, and bloodshed.

The god Dionysus was almost killed before being born by the jealousy of Hera when she found out Zeus had a relationship with his mother. As his mother was killed by Hera, Dionysus was raised by the Muses.