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It is also International Translation Day.

How the moon got its face: Smile-like 'lunar swirls' were created by underground lava flows

To mark this occasion, our Editorial Director, Sharmila Sen, devised a Proust questionnaire and shared it with translators around the world over the weekend. Our translator friends wrote back with alacrity, wit, and even a bit of wickedness.

Chinese Spacecraft Lands on Moon

The digital Loeb Classical Library loebclassics. Low-frequency radio peers back in time to the very first stars and the very first black holes, giving astronomers a greater understanding of how the structures of the universe began forming. Rover missions also investigate all sides of the Moon as space scientists prepare for future human missions, looking to the Moon's resources to help humanity get to Mars. Researchers are getting closer to exploring the Moon's polar craters, some of which have never seen the light of day — literally.

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They are deep and in just the right place to never have the Sun shine onto the crater floor. There are certainly dark parts of the Moon, but the whole far side isn't one of them.

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The Moon's two faces: Why are they so different?

Live Science. Decades ago, astronomers could only dream of a glimpse at the moon's far side shown here in a NASA visualization.

China's Yutu 2 rover explores the far side of the moon shortly after its Jan. Others have seen a woman in the Moon.

The Moon From the Other Side

The Samoans tell the story of Sina, who once during a famine was outside at night pounding bark into cloth with a mallet and board. The Moon rose, and its appearance reminded her of a giant breadfruit. Why is the rabbit in the Moon? In a Sri Lankan legend, Buddha was once lost in a forest, and a rabbit told him the way out.