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Forty percent of the content of Volume Two it's done, and Volume One only needs minor revisions, so we are good regarding the deadline. When it comes to printing, I'm working again with the same local print house that produced the first two editions of Volume One, which were flawless. You receive a Temporary-Pass Digital and avoid termination. You must report to Checkpoint K again in the next registering cycle. Mar 10, - Apr 13, 34 days. Wind turbines: How does wind generate electricity? Photovoltaic solar energy: Generating electricity from sunlight Biomass: Produce energy from waste?

Water treatment: The route to the tap. EN FR Group websites. The future is now More intelligent, more mobile, more connected, and more sustainable: The world evolves every day. Towards a smarter city More responsible, connected, and intelligent Smart city Does the concept of the smart city seem familiar?

Towards smart industry The factory of the future is connected! Cobotics Robots and humans working side by side in factories? Maintenance Predicting breakdowns in factories is not a utopian ideal: Predictive maintenance allows us to anticipate problems and increase efficiency. Towards managed energy How can we manage the generation of energy and use it in a more responsible way?

Smart grid Interactive and connected, smart grids help control energy consumption, making electricity networks intelligent. Towards a connected world The web, smartphones — we cannot do without them! Discover how we help you stay connected. Indoor coverage Indoor coverage allows you to have a network inside buildings. Optical fibre With the deployment of optical fibre, the quality of Internet connections is making a leap forward. Cloud computing Cloud computing is revolutionising the way of using computer resources.

Data centres Each of your Web searches places a request to servers in data centres. What are data centres? Roads Security-oriented road infrastructures allow you to travel with peace of mind and experience a safer driving conditions. Towards a sustainable world Do you know how renewable energies are integrated into your daily life and how they contribute towards a sustainable world?

The Future Is Now

Wind energy Wind is an inexhaustible source of clean energy that is being used more and more. Biomass energy Less well known than other sources of renewable energy, biomass plants use your waste to generate electricity. Solar energy The use of sunlight to generate electricity is more and more common.

How does it work? Water treatment Before arriving at your tap to be consumed, water passes through numerous treatment steps.