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Short list for the Willesden Herald short story prize "Apartment" by Y. Ashworth was born and brought up in Lancashire and is a former journalist who now works in publishing. He has worked as a journalist, architect and lecturer, and now lives on a small holding in West Wales with his wife Rosemarie, a ceramic artist. Michael Coleman is a 60 year old Archive Conservator from Belfast. He loves sailing and jumping in puddles. He writes short stories, poetry and has a completed novel for teenagers waiting on a publisher. David Frankel was born in Salford, but can now be found lurking around the darker corners of Kent, where he lives and works as an artist.

Airport passengers share pictures of their battered suitcase

He has been a secret writer most of his life, and is now working on the final stages of his first novel and a collection of short stories. He won the Earlyworks short story prize in Adnan Mahmutovic is a Bosnian Swede, a homely exile who teaches literature at Stockholm University in daytime, and works with people with mental disorders at night.

His book Thinner than a Hair came out in as the winner the Cinnamon Press first novel competition. In previous lives she has been a taxi driver, circus worker and film censor. Adrian Sells is married with a young daughter and lives in London. As a global markets strategist, his only published works to date have been in the financial press.

The Battered Suitcase Summer 2011 Art Edition

He read English at Cambridge and, after many years recovering from the experience, now writes in his spare time. He has completed numerous short stories and is currently seeking representation for his second novel, a thriller set in South London called "Thirteen Days in Winter". Away from work and writing, he loves opera twice a judge on the Olivier Awards opera panel and the theatre. Mary O'Shea's ambition to have an ordinary life sprang, more or less directly, from one summer spent working as an undercover agent at a Butlin's Holiday Camp in North Wales, and another waiting tables at a Mafia-run restaurant in Newport, R.

Ordinary living led her to the practice of fiction. Stories have become her passion. She lives with her husband, in Cork. She taught English in secondary schools in London and in Devon, where she currently resides, as wife, mother and fiction writer. Set Dance is from her second novel, Exports, a collection of interlinked short stories about the Irish Diaspora. Teresa Stenson's short fiction has been published in various places, most notably the Bridport Prize Winners' anthology. She is 29 and lives in York, where she balances two jobs with her writing ambitions.

Along with writing short stories, Teresa is in the midst of creating a longer piece of fiction. She keeps a blog about her writing at www. At nineteen, she sold her first story to The Yorkshire Post, and her humorous short stories appeared in the Post for the following eight years.

Since starting to write serious short fiction in , Nemone has won prizes or been shortlisted in over twenty literary competitions. Zhu is a native of Beijing, China who now lives in San Francisco. Her first published work describes racing a motorbike across the Taklamakan Desert. She has also delivered a yacht to Mexico, sailed up the Mekong River, and cruised down the Irrawaddy River. Materials for stories come from a variety of life experience, including biking across France, exploring Angkor and Machu Picchu.

Amanda Palmer

She currently makes her living managing projects for financial institutions. Results event Join acclaimed local author Maggie Gee for an evening to celebrate the short story and find out who has taken the prize mug at a special event on Thursday 7 April in Willesden. We are grateful to Maggie Gee for adjudicating and to Willesden Green Writers' Group for all their help with this to date. Posted by wire: pm 3 comments: Email This BlogThis!

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Labels: competition , events , local news. White smoke seen. Habemus short list. Details to follow. Labels: competition. Tuesday, February 08, Competition short-listed: You have email. Stop Press - Habemus album brevis Strange particoloured smoke has been twirling from the special chimney on the roof of Herald House.

We have had to bring in an expert smoke signal reader to interpret it. Jerome says we have a short list of twelve stories but we must not release the details yet until certain formalities have been observed. Email messages have been sent to the twelve people whose stories are in the short list. Sunday, February 06, Kung hei fat choi Labels: music , video. Saturday, February 05, Short story competition: Near to a short list. Word has it that there is a battle between the modern and the classic for the last few places on the short list.

While the world watched momentous events unfolding in Egypt, here in Willesden old Fred the roofer rigged up a special chimney on Herald House yesterday.

The mm F2. By the way, I have two 1.

If I drop the Extenders onto the mm F2. They also work great with the mm F2. This is the only of the lenses that we see here that I have not upgraded to the Mark II, that was released earlier this year. The extra Image Stabilization ability and a reduction in weight is welcome, but not enough to replace a perfectly good lens. In fact, the main reason that I would replace this lens, is because the Image Stabilization switch on the older version sticks out so far that I sometimes catch in and turn it off, so as you can see in the photo, I have the IS switched taped up in the on position, to prevent this.

The Lensbaby is small and pretty much goes with me everywhere. I love that little lens. There are better solutions available now, but this system works for me. If you are interested, I went into detail on this in Episode of this Podcast. I also pack my Zacuto Z-Finder too, which enables me to see the LiveView in enough detail to manually focus as I shoot video, without any more specialist video gear, for the time being at least. Not all of these go into my bag. Some go into the pockets of my photographers vest, and some like the batter charger, go into a separate bag and live in the car, or my luggage.

Condensation is a different matter. I find myself using plastic bags more to lay on the ground if I want to get down low. Moving along the back line of gear, next we have my X-Rite ColorChecker Passport, which you probably already know that I use religiously. You can just sit down and relax with this stool. In the middle at the left is my battery charger for the 1 Series camera batteries, two of which we can see in front of the charger, in the front left.

What to Wear

Right in front of the two spare batteries is my Spudz lens cloth. I like to have a nice clean lens cloth in another bag for use at hotels or lodgings on extended trips, but the Spudz are get in the field, because you can just hang them off your clothing or camera strap, and get to them really quickly. To the right of my batteries and charger is my filter case, with a couple of filters out to show you.

I often stack these filters too to get multi-minute exposure during the day, like in one of my favorite images from Antarctica this year. Then just to the left in front of that is my yellow CF Card case. I actually had to darken them down a bit in Lightroom so you could see them in this image, but in the middle of the front row, is two spirit levels that fit into the flash hot-shoe on the camera, to ensure that I get my camera straight. In the center of the image are two Canon Remote Timers. Again, I like to have two of these so that I can use one with each camera.

This is especially important for long exposures, because you can make use of the time while waiting for one camera to finish its exposure by setting up a second camera and running more than one at once. To the right of the remote timers is a drop-in polarizer filter that slots inside the mm and mm lenses. The front of these lenses are too wide for a traditional circular polarizer, so you put them into the special slot towards the back of these telephoto lenses, and turn the filter using a tiny cog system.

The Battered Suitcase Summer by Vagabondage Press LLC - Issuu

The little bag to the top right of that is just a little bag of tiny tools, and the button batteries that go inside the camera bodies to save the date etc. The P7 is a small but very powerful flashlight, with a dimmer and very bright setting. This is a focusable, head-light, and has a dimmer switch taking you from really dim, to unbelievably bright for the size, with a small slider that recognizes a hundred varying steps.

With my car being a Hybrid though, it actually has a volt outlet in the back anyway, so I can recharge my laptop etc. I sometimes sleep in the car, to save on hotel bills and so that I can be at the location before dawn without having to get up really early and drive there etc. Here are a few items that I use when sleeping in the car to make it a bit more comfortable.

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Firstly, we see here above a Therm-a-Rest mattress. To make it a little more comfortable, you can blow into either of the valves that you can see at the top corners of the mattress. I think this particular model is now discontinued, but there are a lot of great mattresses in the range. The front seats in my car recline so far that if you move the seat forward, they go full-flat, but there ares still a lot of bumps on the seats, so I bought these mattresses so that me and my wife could sleep in the car.

One of the main reasons that I went for this sleeping back is because, as the name suggests, it is incredibly flexible. I do sometimes pack my Neos Adventure Overshoes and of course there are various items of clothing that I use to keep warm etc. Note that if you want to see images shot with any of my lenses, if you go to my About page on the blog, all of my lenses are linked to images shot with those lenses in my gallery.

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