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When it finally got going, wasn't too bad, but the ending didn't appeal to me. Dec 30, Alex rated it really liked it. I don't usually write reviews but wanted to share why I liked this book. In short, the characters are real. There isn't an all knowing detective with unlimited resources, nor is there an ex-Navy SEAL who kicks butt all the time. In addition the plot is real, there isn't a cataclysmic earth shaking tragedy in the balance. It's politics in the nation's capitol with a lot of characters This book was disappointing.

Twists and turns - interesting characters. Jul 29, Donna rated it it was ok. I couldn't believe that I disliked this book so much. So implausible and scary - if you think about how politicians know they can get away with just about anything. Mar 13, Marla rated it it was ok Shelves: zz , mystery , series , adult , audiobook , challenged , team-top-hat , classics. Book opens with an assassination, but honestly, it doesn't reach that peak again. It was just okay and I needed a book set in Washington DC for a challenge and I'd listen to another one for a challenge, but I'm not going to do it for fun.

It seemed like too many inconsequential characters kept appearing and it didn't engage me. The ending was anticlimactic and I was just disappointed with the book in general.

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It wasn't terrible, it just wasn't compelling. A former Mafia hit man allegedly carried out a contract assassination of a South American dictator based on the orders of the head of an American intelligence service. Following his arrest, he agrees to be a government witness in exchange for being included in the witness protection program as a citizen of a foreign country.

He is convinced by the chief advisor of a powerful senator that the book should come out as non-fiction instead of a novel and that the assassin should come testify before a Senate hearing of the involvement of the former intelligence service head, who has now moved into a very high-level elected position.

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Within a few hours of his death, his assassin is also killed. The presumption is that each of the deaths is the result of Mafia contracts. This was a reasonably good murder-mystery but a bit too convoluted and confusing for me. I give it a very luke-warm recommendation. Jun 25, Elizabeth Sulzby rated it it was ok Shelves: mystery-thriller , fiction , drudgery-to-read. Well, finally I have read a murder mystery by Margaret Truman. I should have saved myself the trouble but I was "between books" and it was either this one or a long hard non-fiction spy book.

Should have chosen the hard non-fiction. This book just kept stumbling on and on and on and had a ridiculous false choice between "politics is a game" and "politics should not be a game. That wouldn't necessarily lead to bad writing but, in at least this one case, and, according to other reviews, in Margaret Truman's case did. Fox was Fox and I didn't care. I was v v glad. View all 3 comments. Feb 21, Carl Alves rated it liked it.

Murder at Union Station starts with the shooting of a mobster turned government informer at Union Station in Washington. When Marienthal begins to dig into why his book subject was shot to death, he begins to find conspiracies leading to the White House and the old Soviet Union and Castro. In the process, Marienthal becomes a target of the killers and has to go on the run. This novel is a solidly bu Murder at Union Station starts with the shooting of a mobster turned government informer at Union Station in Washington. This novel is a solidly built mystery that is fairly well written.

There is enough intrigue to keep the book moving. I also appreciated the brevity of the novel. None of the characters are developed enough to be considered captivating, even the main ones. Still, the novel serves the purpose to entertain, and on that basis is worth reading.

Carl Alves — author of Blood Street In addition to her fast-paced plots, I enjoy reading about the various neighborhoods her characters travel through in the nation's capital. In Murder at Union Station , an ambitious writer becomes involved in a murder investigation when the subject of his upcoming book is shot moments after he steps off the train at Union Station.

Truman combines politics, mystery and a touch of romance in this page-turner. May 03, Jackie rated it did not like it Shelves: couldn-t-finish. I couldn't finish. Super boring. Thought it would get better but I really should have quit after the rule of That's how many pages you should read before deciding if the book is worth continuing. Jul 17, Susan added it Shelves: jumped-ship.

I want to like Margaret Truman's books but this is the second of hers I have tried to read; I finished the first but didn't really like it, and I couldn't finish this. Not sure what I didn't like except I think I find the characters to be a bit pretentious. This one involves the murder at Union Station of a man who is integral to a book project being written by the main character.

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  • I like the descriptions of Union Station but the plot didn't grab me. Mac and Annabelle are drawn into the murder of a former enforcer. The sitting president is accused of ordering the murder of a sitting Chilean president while head of the CIA.

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    A former enforcer of the Mob claimed to have been the hit man and hired a Ghost Writer to write his story. A right wing Senator who has made it his life to not let the sitting president see a second term is doing all he can to get the book published. Guerin Barry does a good job and telling the story. Jun 24, Tamara Bennett rated it it was ok. Only 1 character did I care about a little bit - i hated the father.

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    Apr 19, Ari rated it did not like it Shelves: owned. Picked it up at the airport, read it on the plane. I was disappointed. The characters mostly didn't seem that interesting and I felt like the plot didn't really resolve in a satisfying way. Main excuse for this novel seems to be to namedrop as many Washington places as possible. Felt formulaic. Possibly some of the earlier novels in the series are good; this one was tired. View 1 comment. Shock Till You Drop: What is the process like getting on board an anthology like this?

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    Gilbey: They said at the beginning, send us a letter you may or may not like. For me, I thought it was better to come up with an idea first and then I can turn the title into it. Because they do that all of the time on these things, some entries you can spin into another letter.

    I thought about doing a mid-century story about a burning on a beach. Then I thought — what if it was a 15th century-like court taking place in a pub today. Another thing I was influenced by is executioner Jack Ketch. There was one case in which it took seven blows with an axe to kill someone. But how far will she go to even the score? Against all odds, Jack searches for the truth, a truth that may cost him his life, while Carolyn struggles to survive in a web of savage political corruption.

    Kathleen Antrim an award-winning novelist. She often says that she's a political pundit in recovery, and desperate for a 12 step program. Antrim has appeared on such television shows as Hannity and Colmes. She worked on Capitol Hill behind the scenes in the United States Senate, while working on the biography of a former Governor and Senator who was running for President. She is at work on her next novel, which is shaping up to to be a big action adventure historical. Why the change from Washington DC politics?

    Other than Viagra and Wireless, not much has changed. Perhaps this novel is my way of pointing to how little we've evolved, while having a great time doing it. Convert currency.

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    Add to Basket. Soft cover. Condition: New. This is a tradepaper edition of this action adventure. In fine unread condition. Language: eng.