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Then go ahead and write that brilliant musical about animated breakfast cereals. And a freaking genius, at a scale the world sees about once every two or three generations. So find your own path. It is true that some people hear a calling and indeed can follow their passion.

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They're in the minority, and they don't need to hear the "Follow your passion" advice, they're doing it anyway and never ask themselves the "What should I do with my life? Steve Jobs was one of those people. So my recommendation would be follow your contribution. That sounds like a far more durable blueprint for career success and life happiness. I run a content marketing agency in London. I write about startup culture, the values that shape the workplace, and how history and politics impact business. Born Czech, I write about startup culture and entrepreneurship in Europe.

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Read More. Whether you're switching careers or embarking on your first job, chances are good that you won't get your dream job right out the gate. Use your research to determine good entry points, but have a financial backup plan ready: If you're changing jobs, save up at least 6 months of living expenses. Consider working part-time, even if you dislike the job, to help ease your transition.

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Look into temporary or freelance work, such as babysitting, TaskRabbit, or driving for a service like Uber, to pay the bills but maintain flexibility to pursue your passion. Start freelancing to help step into a full-time job. Whether you're new to the job market or making a mid-career move, everyone wants to see someone who is "experienced.

This trap will never stop being maddening, but the best you can do is take things into your own hands. Selling early runs of artwork or products online. Applying to temporary work or part-time internships Working for free in the early days. Advertise yourself and your skills.

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Unfortunately, very few people get noticed out of nowhere and plucked up, and those that do are generally well-established already. You need to be your own biggest salesman, showing off your skills and expertise before anyone else will. While how you market yourself depends on your actual passion and skills, there are some common ideas: Be in the epicenter of your passion: If you want to be a pro-athlete, you have to play on the best teams you can try out for.

If you want to be a movie star, it's time to get to LA. Build an online portfolio: Sites like Wix, Adobe, Wordpress, and more have hundreds of pre-made templates to show off your best work and your contact information.

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Be active in forums and discussions: Help out other newbies, keep up on news in your field, and get to know others pursuing similar passions Start at least one daily social media account: Which one depends on your field -- visual fields tend to Instagram and Vine, writers like Twitter and blogs, businesses love Pinterest, etc.

Whatever you choose, post at least once a day to build a following. Inject your passions into your current life and work. Maybe you want to be a famous author or switch into a journalism job. Instead of waiting to roll the dice, start volunteering for more writing jobs and tasks at your company.

LIfe Choices: Pursuing Your Passion

Write for a student newspaper or become an after-school writing tutor, and check if blogs you enjoy take guest submissions. Find ways to incorporate your passion into your current job and it will be much easier to apply for the types of jobs you're really passionate about. Brainstorm ways you can do more of what you love every week, from taking on new tasks at work to doing some volunteer work at a local charity. Have a backup plan in case things don't work out.

What happens if your passion burns out, is harder to pursue than you imagined, or other issues health, accidents, etc. If you're going to take a leap and pursue your passions, you should still keep a safety net in place. Make yourself think through all of the worst case scenarios, even unlikely ones, and know when you need to pull out and try something new.

At least six months of savings are the minimum recommended to take the plunge, allowing you to be unemployed without a paycheck for half a year. Keep your eyes open for other jobs that fit your work history or major, even if they aren't for your passion. They may be necessary stepping stones towards the "dream job. Turn your passion into a "side-project" to gain experience with less risk. You can even do this while still at your current job, allowing you to flex your muscles a bit without losing your financial safety net.

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Pursuing your passion is not an all or nothing game, as real life is far more complicated than a black and white decision. If you can only work on your invention after work, have to get up 2 hours early to work out and train, or spend all your downtime at work scribbling poetry, that is okay -- innovators from Einstein to T. Elliot share similarly humble beginnings. Don't believe you must quit everything to jump into your project -- just start working on it. When is the second best time? Take steps to pursue your passion every single day, whether it is research, practice, or work.

Make a habit of putting your passion first each day, even if it is only for minutes. You may study up on some new cooking technique, look into the education requirements to change careers, or run through your scales on the piano -- what matters most is making your passion your daily priority. If you can't squeeze in some time each day to work on your passions, it's going to be a lot harder to dedicate your life to them. Make your passion a habit, turning practice into an automatic behavior. Set aside the same time each day to work on your dreams, or set daily goals to hit. Really focus on this practice time, trying your best to get a little better each day.

Daily practice in small bursts is proven to be more effective than one large chunk each week. Find a support network of collaborators and friends to help through the tough times. If you're a struggling musician, you'll realize quickly that you aren't the only one. Most passions are difficult to pursue, and even though it feels like everyone is ahead of you sometimes, remember that everyone is in this together. Don't be competitive or stand-offish or you'll just make your struggle a little more lonely and a lot harder.

Help a fellow artist as they move into the studio, collaborate on a skit with fellow writers and actors, and cross-promote with the other new start-up down the hall. You will need help and support from your community, no matter what it is, at some point in your career. Don't forsake them when they're in trouble and they won't leave you when you need them. You can go to cart and save for later there. Life Choices : Pursuing Your Passion. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review. Turning Point International. Tell us if something is incorrect.

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