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Ten weeks after D-Day, the Allies launched a second invasion on the southern coast of France and began a simultaneous advance towards Germany. Establishing a bridgehead was critical, but it was just the first step. In the three months after D-Day, the Allies launched a series of additional offensives to try and advance further inland.

These operations varied in success and the Allies faced strong and determined German resistance. Yet the bloody and protracted Battle of Normandy was a decisive victory for the Allies and paved the way for the liberation of much of north-west Europe. By the end of August , the German Army was in full retreat from France, but by September Allied momentum had slowed.

The second front

This defeat sapped German manpower and resources and allowed the Allies to resume their advance towards Germany. In March , British and American troops crossed the Rhine, eventually linking up with Soviet forces in Germany - as shown in this photograph. It is often used when the exact date is either secret or not yet known.

Some people thought soldiers serving in Italy were avoiding 'real combat' in France and called them 'D-Day Dodgers'. The 75th anniversary of D-Day is just around the corner. IWM Staff. Thursday 4 January See object record.

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French poster. Preparations for D-Day , by Richard Eurich. Translation reads: 'All Together, for a Single Victory'. Their mission was heralded on Monday evening, June 5, he said, with the shrill sound of a whistle blown by their commander, Maj. Kenneth D. Richardson of Salinas, Calif.

The Nazi Invasion, 1944

As the crews began to file out of the briefing room, Mr. Then dammit, get in there and fight. The Times, citing a BBC broadcast, reported that Eisenhower had asked that, whenever feasible, French towns that were to be bombed first receive a warning through leaflets dropped from planes. The leaflets, in some cases dropped less than an hour before the planned attack, warned civilians to leave the area as quickly as possible on foot and to stay away from vulnerable targets like roads, railways and bridges.

The Times carried another momentous war report on its front page, by The Associated Press, relating that Rome had fallen to the Allies without major damage after a day assault. Thanks for this epic mod.

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