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It is probably his most outstanding work. He began it in and the first performance took place in Moscow on 12 May , the composer as soloist under Koussevitsky. The horrible events of the First World War are, perhaps unavoidably, reflected in the work. Russian and German cultures meant equally much to Medtner and the war between the two countries developed into a personal tragedy for him.

The Concerto is a grandiose, one-movement construction, written in sonata form, where the extended development of each section compensates for the lack of the traditional division into movements. Slow and scherzo-like episodes sound almost like the middle movement of a symphony and the coda, which is thematically and dynamically rich, serves as a finale. The work opens with four introductory exclamations anticipating the appearance of the main theme, full of heroic yet tragic pathos. The development is very unusual: it consists of a theme and a cycle of variations.

Here the composer develops fragments of all the main themes of the Concerto with considerable polyphonic skill. The short recapitulation is extremely dynamic, and the coda presents the last climax of the Concerto. Medtner somewhat delays the outcome by leading the themes through a number of odd modulations and unusual harmonies: only at the very end do we hear a triumphant hymn in C major, followed by three final bell-like ringing strokes on the piano. The composer himself regarded it as the synthesis or summary of all his work and, indeed, worked on it throughout his life.

This work, which was destined to be his last, combines freshness of inspiration with great mastery of composition. Again, the structure of the Quintet is unusual. The first movement expresses what can only be described as a theme of Hope and Faith.

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It opens with a large introduction in which the epic theme flows broadly and solemnly. The new subject in the central section reminds one of the famous medieval tune Dies irae. Display my name Display alternate name Don't display any name Anonymous You are only allowed to leave one flower per day for any given memorial. Add Flower and Note. View Flower. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Friend's email: The email does not appear to be a valid email address. Your email:. Felix Mendelssohn I found on Findagrave.

German Roots: Finding the Moschels

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Ignaz Moscheles: Piano Concerto No. 7 in C minor, Op. 93 'Concert Pathétique'

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We get a pretty good picture of his personal and professional life, but only a very superficial treatment of his composing. It is hard to tell when he started, what his major works either most popular or most musicologically important are, when they were written, how they were received, and so on. I acknowledge that he was likely better known for his other activities; however, the above described material is not really mentioned at all, and it should be.

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