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How do you make it as a pop star? Why does one boy band make it big and another disappear off the pages of the magazines altogether? Why do girls cost more than boys? And who should you sleep with to get to number one? Packed with scandal and intrigue, Pop During those last days in the bunker, Hitler and Bormann created a plan that would perpetuate the cause of Nazism long after they were dead. A small band of highly-trained agents were to be planted all over the world, some day to come together and bring The book represents the collaborative But logic has moved forward dramatically in Central to the received view Ramachandran, M.

You're not stuck The three tracks of soft tinkling guitars, flutes, bass, percussion and the ever-so recognizable voice of Martyn is something that is perhaps not featured in these pages a lot, and at first I thought it to be an even more gothic version of Eyeless In Gaza, but after a couple of times, I must admit I started to like this more and more.

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Spacious and psychedelic at times, and introspective at other times. Three tracks at twenty minutes is perhaps a bit short, but it's leaves a good impression. There was a time when I pretty much everything they did and even send them some sound to be used. They still have those sounds, I guess, as yours truly is on the cover as one of the bandmembers. Not that I did recognize of it, since it must be really transformed or I simply forgot what it was about.

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The ever-changing bandmembership is a guarantee that Doc Wor Mirran always sounds different. Apart from the first two tracks, featuring guitar, voices and electronics, the bigger part of 'Ipso Fatso' is of psychedelic synthesizer drone music. Ambient music with a lot of pepper.


Quite nice, these cosmic explosions. I know less about Ctacik, aka Stanislav Popov. Not much information on his website, but I learned he has three releases now. His seven lengthy pieces hoover around in quite heavy noise, using radio transmissions as it's principal source. People singing, talking or just plain noise: it's all fed through a bunch of effects, synthesizers or maybe the computer. This stuff is nothing of a big surprise in the world of noise, but at least it's made with a couple of more thoughts than the usual feedback through distortion releases, and that's something worthwhile too.

Between january and april of this year he made this release 'using lap-top, natural sounds and recorded samples'. It's hard to say what kind of natural sounds he has taped, since they are transformed quite beyond the original source. The fact that a laptop is at work here is not hidden, but the colllision of sounds and technology works quite nice here, except in 'Waves To The Shore Riptide ', which is a very freaky piece of rhythm and noise, which doesn't work very well. But the other tracks are, in all their more upfront microsound, quite nice.

This new release under Aube's real name Akifumi Nakajima is not exactly new, as it is in fact a re-issue of cassette he released in That was before Nakajima choose the name Aube in The music on this release was composed by Nakajima for an exhibition called 'Water ' by Arichi and Sasaoka. Whereas the old Aube was more about noise, this release is certainly not noisy at all.

Another difference is that even when Nakajima uses mostly water sounds, he adds a synthesizer, and hence is not limited to just one sound source. The seven untitled pieces have all a very nice ambient flow. Synthesizer sounds mingle with the water sources and the delay machine is already working overtime. The compositions aren't as tightly structured as the later Aube work, but more freely and open-ended.

Nice work from the past. On Taalem's other sub-division Alm, two new releases. Pholde is Alan Bloor, who works as Knurl too, but I believe that Knurl is now reduced to a side-project and Pholde is the main thing.

As Pholde Bloor plays around with ambient music played on metallic percussion and sound effects, mainly reverb. The time on the reverb machines is set to maybe 20 seconds and that makes it possible to make anything sounding ambient. But somehow Pholde gets away with it and crafts three nice pieces of deep ambient rumble. Compest is a new name, but the man behind it, we all know: Martin Steinebach, who works as Monoid, Stillstand and Conscientia Peccati.

Each of these names stand for a specific kind of music, but in Compest these come together. However it's not a track that works very well. The music drags on and on, seemingly without too many interesting changes and it lacks subtleness to be minimally interesting.

A pity. CDR, private For the last week or so, I have been playing this release a lot. Not because I liked it that much well of course to a certain extend I did , but because I found it so hard to form any opinion about this. It's a bit hard also to say what it is they are doing here, soundwise, but my best guess is that both have their hands firmly attached to the sampler, and that the world's history of music is their soundsource.

Sometimes the sound a bit glitchy like in a sort of Fennesz kind of way, but at other times they sound much more conventional, jazzy, dubby, laid-back, almost in a David Shea kind of way. But every time I played this, I found something else that was surprising to me, so I think I should give this benefit of doubt. Agora Minora play no less than seventeen sampled together songs, but it sounds tedious and amateurish to an extent that the term 'outsider music' doesn't apply.

I don't this drag very much. The sampler plays a role with the work of The Lastsmith, who is T. Svaland, who also runs the label. Twelve tracks in some twenty-six minutes, that is almost true punk spirit, but actually the sketches he produces on the sampler are way more interesting to hear than the doodling of Agora Minora.

Sombre, introspective, naively played, but keeping an eye open for the composition of the piece. Nice intimate music, and just about long enough. The best is saved for the last: a compilation with bands from the small Norwegian town Drammen. Although this is more in rock oriented fashion, there is also some nice singer-songwriter stuff on there. A diverse collection at that, and perhaps a bit too normal for these pages, it's a nice collection of home made rock music, and garage electronica.

A pity that the band names can't be really read on the cover. I guess that's where the various musicians live, since they present themselves as a sort of collective. The music is quite diverse, from micro-glitch beats from Lenz to more heavy breakbeat stuff by E. Stonji and Winterstrand. Then Tomoroh Hidari going back into the world of drones or the glitchy pop of Schauer. EBM and IDM are however main keywords in this compilation with some forceful stuff by those mentioned. Many have more than one track on here. Altogether a pretty coherent compilation, despite some of the differences between some of the participating projects.

A most enjoyable introduction to some new bands. Dan Armstrong, you may ask? For me, he's the man in the background, who I can always turn too with some stupid internet question, but also a member of the Vacuum Boys and an improviser with many others. The music on this DVD-R collects his earliest recorded works from up to july of this year. I will not claim having all heard when this review was made hence my strong wish for an early retirement , as forty hours is, erm, a bit lengthy right now. Of worthy note, so far, is also his concerts with such diverse people as Radboud Mens, Zion Train and Philip Samartzis.

After listening for about 7 hours of this, I realize I have only listened to a small portion of it. Can't wait to retire. In the early to mid-nineties, Em:t Records was THE leading ambient dance label, with sophisticated music, beautiful much imitated covers: a strong label. Since some time the label is back with new releases, which are all quite alright, but haven't gotten the same urgency as before. As an extra offer, perhaps to undermine the high prices of the original who knows? I guess that's a good idea. I reviewed the International Peoples Gang CD back in Vital Weekly 10 so, yes, that was about ten years ago , and said it was alright, but it was going a bit downhill with the label.

Now, ten years later I can say that it is still a nice album to hear and has survived well through time. Forceful rhythms, guitars, loads of samples are all knitted together into a vivid, cinematic music that works quite well. Beatsystem was the band of one Derek Pierce, but turned into his solo project. I couldn't my previous review of this work, so you have to stick to my 'ten years after' opinion. This is perhaps the most experimental, non-rhythmical album on Em:t Records, and perhaps also the most ambient one.

Stretched out patterns played on a bunch of synthesizers, intercepted with voice samples, among which is the voice of good ol' John Cage , guitars and field recordings of fireworks. This too did stand the time, sounding still like a most engaging journey. More ambient than ambient house, this should appeal to those who like their ambient a bit more spicey, yet still accessible. The vast majority were all in favor of nicknames for pets. They said they used nicknames all the time, and that their pets responded to them just as much as they did their original name.

But in any crowd, on any subject, there will be those who favor and those who oppose. So it was on this forum, where a few people stated that they felt giving nicknames to pets could confuse them, and that it was unfair to the pet. I can certainly see where, if you are trying to teach a puppy his name, you would want to be consistent and not use nicknames. Not having ever owned a dog, I have no knowledge on whether nicknames complicate matters for an adult dog.

I am, however, quite confident in my belief that nicknames do not confuse my cats. Still, I thought it only fair to conduct some research on the matter. In the end, this exhaustive research ha! Dog owners report that their canine companions do answer to their nicknames, and everyone knows most cats only answer to humans when food is involved.

The Tiny T-Rex

Therefore, we should all feel free to call our pets pretty much anything we want to, and no one will accuse us of not being responsible pet owners. Read more articles by Julia Williams. I gave my Anatolian Pyrenees a new name, when I adopted her which is Cheyenne. Since two weeks I have a beautiful rescue dog called Milly. Baxter, the Border Collie mix puppy has only been with us for 3 months, but is well on his way to multiple nicknames: Bootie, Boot, Buddher and Beauticia.

They do not seem confused, but they might think we are. His nickname is old man and her nicknames are little girl and little beast. They seem to be unbothered by them. My husband hates it and gets so annoyed, which is what lead me to your article. This is great! I love all the nicknames. My family copies all my nicknames because they think that since I am home with all 5 cats and my dog all day, they will only respond to the names I call them.

Kitty 1 is scrappy mittens.

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Or, mittens, scrappy, mitty mitts. Kitty 2 is boots, aka bootie, bootie boots, boo boo, boo. Kitty 3 is tessa, aka mamma kitty, fat cat, mamma, garfield, tess tess, tessie girl, kitty 4 is princess, aka peach, princess peach. Kitty 5 is lucky, aka lucky duck, lucky doodle, doodle, doodle bug. He is the only male of the bunch and the newest to the family. Our dog is copper, aka, copper top, poochini, boy, puppers, and occassionally, damn dog!

Huge dog and very good with all the kitties and their craziness! Hope you enjoyed. I have a black cat named felix. I got him about 2 months ago so he should be about 6 months old. Anyway i call him fefe all the time. He answers to both his name and nickname and he seems perfectly fine. I have a giant two-year old tabby called Marco, his nicknames are Marky-Mark and little boy :. I also have a few month old kitten called Maze, they include Mazie and Mei-Mei.

I have an adorable mutt named Lady. She is toy poodle, shih tzu, corgi and chihuahua. We started calling her Ladybug or just bug because she is a smaller dog. We call her princess and mama, but the name she gets most excited for and responds beat to is dog.


It bothers me that my son calls her dog, but she seems to like it best.