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The magazines and television shows demonstrate crafts that seem obsessed with being neat and well executed. I am not a perfect crafter, nor do I care to be. I am an enthusiastic crafter, a crafter who learns at my own pace, a crafter who will not be intimidated by the expectations of others. I craft because it makes me happy and because I seek to make others happy through my craft. I am not good at drawing, and my sewing is sloppy.

I like the possibilities that open up to someone when she approaches a craft without limitations. But I am always open to learning and am inspired by people whose skills vary from mine. Take quilting. Any instructions that involve degree angles are more than either you or I bargained for. Making an entire quilt is just way too complicated for me to explain in one chapter.

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After all, this book is about projects that can be done or almost totally done in one afternoon. Craft can be practiced by anyone, regardless of the skill or artistry that has come to be demanded by those who preach craft. The holiday hubbub has a way of draining every last ounce of energy out of a person.

Quite frankly, you might feel a little bit sick of crafty activities. But fear not, gentle crafter!

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The remedy for your crafting fatigue is right around the corner. Each new year is filled with the promise of endless possibilities. But this year is going to be different—this year is The Year of the Crafternoon. And this is one resolution you will stick to like macaroni on construction paper. You have the urge to socialize, but the thought of wearing your little black dress makes you woozy.

You want to play hostess to your friends, but you refuse to stuff another little pig into a little dough blanket. The first Crafternoon of the year should be something new and exciting. After all, it seems that the handknit scarf has become the fruitcake of our generation. But how many of your friends have been knotting up a storm? This seemed like an alignment of the craft stars, and I got very, very excited. But sailors are married to the sea. But a friend of a friend who was practiced in the art offered to lend his skills to the crafty cause, and so my Knotting Crafternoon idea was saved.

As a side note, knotting struck me as the sort of craft that appeals to the menfolk and the womenfolk alike. Me, I think all crafts appeal equally to dudes and to ladies. But in my experience, the ladies often hop on the crafting trends faster than the dudes. I aim to change that, one crafty dude at a time, and where better to start than with some extreme knotting!

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Get people in seats with a fun email invite. Boys and girls who love to craft, this email is for you! This Saturday at 2 p. The theme?

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Why Knots? Well, a crafter on the list wanted some lessons on knotting, and I thought that sounded rad! So he found us a surprise guest to teach the ways of the ropes, sailor style. Knowing how to make good knots is a practical art! Ever tie furniture to a car or make a rope swing? Bring a bit of the ropes and learn them! Why Whatnot? Well, Whatnot is what you can do if you feel the crafting fever but are allergic to rope. Bring any craft project you like, and you can work on it in the company of friends. As always, there will be the Mother Crafter my mom on hand to answer your craft questions.

I do hope I might see you there! Please be encouraged to bring a treat along to share, a beverage or a cake or some savory delights. Savory treats are extra-especially welcome! This email worked like a charm, especially with the menfolk. I think it was the comment about tying furniture to a car. Dudes love to tie furniture to cars. It worked like an invitational charm. In fact, the turnout for my Knotty Crafternoon was small but dude-heavy.

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We had fewer than ten people in attendance, and half of those people were dudes. I like that in a Crafternoon. That Crafternoon was a mix of old friends and new ones. Crafternoon has a way of making that happen. Myra, who has been my friend since first grade, was on spring break from her job as a college photography professor, so she joined the knotty crew. Gideon, a college friend who is a civil rights lawyer, showed up.

It was an honor to know that he was taking time out of his packed schedule to sit down and tie some knots with us. But he came highly recommended by Paul, an artist who came along, too. And of course, my mom was in attendance. She is definitely the number one fan of Crafternoon. As far as materials go, I personally love a simple length of white rope. Nevertheless, I was pleased when Ruben, our craft leader, brought along a coil of black rope.

To get your supplies, head to your local hardware store and grab some rope of various widths and colors and materials. If you have a tendency to find yourself in MacGyver-esque situations, go ahead and choose a synthetic rope to craft with. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. Summary Hello, Crafternooners! Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Book Preview Crafternoon - Maura Madden. The Importance of Imperfection Craft is certainly making a comeback in the mainstream, but all too often, the preached and published craft is mostly about perfection.

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Crafternoon: A Guide to Getting Artsy and Crafty with Your Friends All Year Long

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