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Which are the ethics and politics that guide our teaching? Our teaching is integrated in the network of the International of the Forums and in the School of Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Field. The teaching is guided by the principles that Lacan derived at the time of his Proposition.

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We dedicate annually two International Seminars, where we host a guest analyst who comes to work with us for a weekend, and a monthly space of discussion aiming to capture the reach of the imbrications of the different instances that conform our analytic community: our School of Psychoanalysis of the Forums of the Lacanian Field international , the Colorado Psychoanalytic Forum and now the Clinical College of Colorado. What is the aim of our teaching?

We aim to transmit the logic of the unconscious. To create a place where desire can be fostered, by way of establishing strong working transferences among us. We believe this is possible when discussions are welcomed, where differences can be present in a non threatening manner, in a way that propels the work… the work of thinking that is.

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We aim to propitiate an environment to bond with colleagues, giving privilege to the dialog with all those who are embarked in the difficult task of practicing analysis as well as colleagues from academic areas who are attracted to the analytic discourse. We propose to work on our uncertainties with others, to engage in discussion, to find referents and peers with whom we can share the clinic.

In short, we aim to question ourselves time and time again about that original experience of the unconscious that we traversed as analyzands and as analysts at last. Joel Dor.

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The Clinical Lacan, a companion text to the Introduction to the Reading of Lacan, focuses on the concept of the psychic structures of desire. With the help of exciting clinical examples, Dor explains the crucial difference between symptomsthat is, what can be phenomenologically grasped - and the actual psychic structure of the subject, a structure that can be revealed only through the discourse of the patient in the psychoanalytic situation. For this central place given to the elaboration of knowledge is called a School, but no less than for its reference to an ethic in accord with psychoanalytic discourse.

The Clinical College of Colorado was founded in , in response to an increasing interest of the community in Lacanian analytic formation. This space is solely committed to the formation of analysts. We have weekly seminars, -typically 4 to 6- that are dedicated to the study of Psychoanalysis, mainly Freud and Lacan.

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While our seminars address the theoretical corpus of psychoanalysis, our clcasses have clinical illustrations of what is being discussed, in such a way that the theory and the practice of analysis are in sync. We also have a clinical workshop that meets byweekly, which is dedicated purely to the discussion of clinical cases.

The formation of analysts involves what is known as the Freudian tripod the study of the theory, the contol analysis or supervision, and the personal analysis of the analyst , yet in the Lacanian formation none of these aspects is standarized so that they transmit desire. Children in analysis? Saturday 16th of February - hs.

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Friday 15th of February - hs. At this crucial time, it is a pleasure to present and to inaugurate Actually, Lacan , the analytic publication of the Colorado Analytic Forum of the Lacanian Field, and the Clinical College of Colorado. All authors in this volume are members of the School of Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Field, some located in the United States, some in Brazil and others in Argentina.

From the Introduction, by Gabriela Zorzutti. Welcome The Colorado Analytic Forum is a space dedicated to the transmission and practice of psychoanalysis. Wednesday at the forum. School nights.


Remainders of the pass By: Dr. Julieta De Battista, AE. International Seminar.


By: Ana Laura Prates Pacheco. Discover The Forum Our Forum was founded in The School The School of psychoanalysis is a specific form of link among analysts. The Cartel The School of psychoanalysis is a specific form of link among analysts.