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Exhaustion finally pulled her into sleep. She sat up in darkness, not even embers glowed inside the hearth, moonlight streamed in through her sliding glass door with enough light to help her maneuver through the room. She went to the glass door to draw the curtains closed, but instead she was drawn to what lay beyond her porch.

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Brea opened the door, stepped out, and walked over to the railing of her ground-level deck. She saw the light of the moon cut a path across the calm lake water to the sandy shoreline fifty feet away. Chilled damp air settled over her bare arms. She glanced to the south tree line leading into miles of forest. Something shifted the shadows of the trees, maybe an animal hiding. A wolf howled a short distance from Brea. Its sound reverberated against the stone cottage wall behind her, sending a shiver from her skin into her bones.

She knew wolves had been sighted a few miles away, but never at the resort. Now, she was about to have a very personal experience with one. She heard it breathing and slowly turned to look. Wet, warm moisture carried on the slight breeze, settling on, around, and inside her. The moon and all its light vanished behind an ominous cloud.

Two glowing green orbs appeared to float in front of her. Somewhere in her consciousness she recognized the green eyes and the assailing breath.

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A direct order, something she must do, jogged her memory, compelling her. Her body became weightless, fluid and she wanted to follow. She moved forward, off the deck, following…following something that called her. She heard it and knew she must hurry. Suddenly hands gripped her from behind, stopping her progress. Another warm moist breath infiltrated her senses with the scent of pine, musk, and cloves. Her need to follow disintegrated like the ash of a spent campfire. Brea came awake in the middle of the forest. Strong arms wrapped around her waist. I think you were walking in your sleep.

Brea turned to face Grey. What was she doing here? What was he doing here? Grey picked her up and carried her. She heard a wolf howl, so did Grey. He stopped and raised his face. Brea watched him sniff the air. She shrugged it off, her mind in no condition to make a judgment call of what he was doing, especially for something as strange as Grey sniffing the air.

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The muscles in his arms tightened, squeezing her closer to him. He ran. She closed her eyes and tucked her head into his shoulder, like a child in his arms, safe and loved. Where did that come from? Have you ever done that before? He switched on a small lamp in the corner and proceeded to re-build the fire in the hearth.

Why were you there? Again she saw him lift his head and sniff the air. His eyes glowed silver, reminding her of other glowing eyes and a shudder quaked down her body. Sasha White. Shifted Under Construction.

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