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That definition identifies evangelicalism as a form of Protestantism with four distinct emphases:. While many have employed this definition to good effect, others have pointed out difficulties. Most obvious in an American context are divisions created by race. Along with many white Protestant groups that have embraced these four characteristics, so have many African Americans.

Yet the American reality of slavery, followed by culturally enforced segregation, means that whites and blacks who share these religious emphases share very little else, as Michael O. Linford then documents the way that after World War II, former fundamentalists embraced the word as they sought a less combative, more irenic term to describe their orthodox theology and their desire to re-engage with society.

Organizations like the National Association of Evangelicals and the wide-ranging activities of Billy Graham popularized the word. At the same time, other Protestants who had thought of themselves as evangelicals began to avoid the word as designating something too close to fundamentalism. Those who raise their sights to the world at large add more complexity.

All careful scholars now find more evangelicals, however defined, outside of Europe and North America than in these former evangelical homelands. Yet it remains a network linked by common religious convictions. These five volumes, published by InterVarsity Press, carry a coherent story from the early s through the 20th century. It is coherent, however, not because all of the many individuals and organizations identified as evangelicals stood shoulder to shoulder on all questions of Christian belief and practice.

Instead, the books find it an easy matter to document multiple connections descending historically from the Great Awakening and the Evangelical Revival of the 18th century. To put it differently, the books hang together because they record the history of English-speaking Protestant Christians who have defined themselves by their attention to the same foundational questions that George Whitefield and John Wesley addressed in their day.

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This approach to a broad history over a long period of time turns out to be helpful for narrow American issues in the very recent past. Yet some are still thoroughly disillusioned and, though once recognized as evangelicals, now are giving up on the term. It represents the political efforts of a fairly narrow slice out of the myriad evangelical traditions that have been active in American and Western history. Yet when individuals or organizations define their use of the terms carefully, they are not so flexible as to become meaningless.

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A short history of global evangelicalism

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